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Golden Luck Series

Half inch metal strapping

Copper metal strap

Three quarters metal strapping

Copper metal strap

Highlighted by smooth and undulating edges that make cutting easy, these products can be manufactured in any length to meet the specific needs of customers.

Item No.Product Dimension (ThicknessXLengthXWidth)pcs/ctnGross weight each carton(KG)Carton Dimension(CBM) lengthXwidthXthickness(mm)
G07253424 guage, 25 feet, three quarters,galvanized strapping2011.6744.5*14.5*16.5
G07103424 guage, 10 feet, three quarters,galvanized strapping348.36744.5*14.5*16.5
G071003424 guage, 100 feet, three quarters,galvanized strapping1227.6229.5*25*30.5
G07251224 guage, 25 feet, half inch,galvanized strapping208.644.5*14.5*16.5
G09253420 guage, 25 feet, three quarters,galvanized strapping2014.50344.5*14.5*16.5
T09253420 guage, 25 feet, three quarter,steel strapping2014.50344.5*14.5*16.5
T061003424 guage, 100 feet, three quarters,steel strapping1222.78229.5*25*30.5
T06253424 guage, 25 feet, three quarters,steel strapping209.81544.5*14.5*16.5
T06103424 guage, 10 feet, three quarters,steel strapping346.90544.5*14.5*16.5
T08251222 guage, 25 feet, half inch,steel strapping208.56144.5*14.5*16.5
T08101222 guage, 10 feet, half inch,steel strapping346.38644.5*14.5*16.5
T071012 COATED22 guage, 10 feet, half inch, coated strapping204.5544.5*14.5*16.5
DT06253424 guage, 25 feet, three quarters,copper plated strapping2010.18644.5*14.5*16.5
DT06103424 guage, 10 feet, three quarters,copper plated strapping347.32144.5*14.5*16.5
C06253424 guage, 25 feet, three quarters,copper strapping2011.7644.5*14.5*16.5
C06103424 guage, 10 feet, three quarters,copper strapping348.5244.5*14.5*16.5
C08251222 guage, 25 feet, half inch,copper strapping209.8844.5*14.5*16.5
TJ061001224 gauge,half inch,copper clip2011.729.5*25*30.5
TJ061003424 gauge,three quarters,copper clip1512.2729.5*25*30.5
DTJ06101224 gauge,half inch,copper plated clip(10 pcs per bag)1006.7729.5*25*30.5
DTJ061001224 gauge,half inch,copper plated clip(100 pcs per bag)2012.1529.5*25*30.5
DTJ06103424 gauge,three quarters,copper plated clip(10 pcs per bag)1007.8729.5*25*30.5
DTJ061003424 gauge,three quarters,copper plated clip(100 pcs per bag)1510.929.5*25*30.5


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Metal strapping, multi-purpose.

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Metal strapping, multi-purpose.


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